Our younger organization, Filtrading Srl, was established to meet the increasing demand. The two older sister companies Bosifil SpA and Subbifil SpA are specialized in staple fibers. However, from 2005 the new company has entered in the artificial and synthetic fiber markets. Fabric markets, including furniture and garment fabrics, knitwear, accessory and creative yarns can rely on a stock for spot delivery including 100% viscose rayon, 100% textured polyester, 100% textured 6 and 6.6 nylon, in the raw, yarn-dyed or spun dyed versions.

Over the years, basic yarns continue to be in demand, but the greater need for specialized productions leads Filtrading Srl to broaden its horizons. Hence standard products are joined by processed yarns, at first only for specific dyeing jobs and customized customer colors and then for increasingly thinner numbering of wound yarn up to the installation of the first manufacturing machines.

In 2014, after 9 years of development, Filtrading Srl moved from the original location in Peia Bassa, where the Group started operations, to Cazzano Sant'Andrea, the new site characterized by greater storage space and improved manufacturing and logistics.

Every day, every order, the range of products expands and the experience grows, walking hand in hand with our expertise and relationship with customers, suppliers and employees.